New York Times

NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: UPPER WEST SIDE; Far From the Flash of Chelsea, a Gay Pub with a Local Feel: By RICHARD MORGAN, New York Times. Published: July 31, 2005 ALL men are islands. Perhaps especially gay men, so many of them … Continue reading

Daily News

“Something for just about everyone…”Daily-news-article-about-suiteNYC

Time Out says

“Uptown gays have a place to call home-away-from-home thanks to this show-tune-loving spot. Bar-food and nightly entertainment keep you fed and amused.”

New York Magazine

“On the Neptunian fringes of the city’s queer universe, 90 blocks north of the white-hot core of Chelsea, the glare of disco strobes and the glow of Deco light fixtures—plus a décor seemingly consisting of one of everything cool from 1995…behind the frosted pillbox windows that grace its façade…they make their own fun, frothy scene.”